Meet the Team

Meet the minds behind the curtain, with decades of combined experience in engineering, integration, programming and the arts.

Dr. D’nardo Colucci

D’nardo Colucci, Ph.D. is co-founder of The Elumenati and responsible for product design, development, and production. D’nardo has over 20 years experience designing optical systems including adaptive optics for telescopes, laser scanning systems, custom lenses for theme park rides, head-mounted displays for virtual and augmented reality applictions, optical tracking systems and of course spherical projection systems. D’nardo has been awarded nine patents.

Clayton Hooker
Custom Solutions

Clayton Hooker is responsible for the design, integration, and implementation of solutions for Elumenati customers and partners. Clay has over two decades of experience in professional sound and video installation, most recently focusing on high-end digital cinema and multimedia network integration, and has applied his innovative skills to every aspect of theater and systems design and installation.

Dr. Clement Shimizu
Software Development

Clement Shimizu, Ph.D. is a research scientist in computer graphics and Computer Science. He has dedicated his life to serving artists, designers, and other creative people through technological innovation. He does this through his academic research in computer graphics and color science at the University of Minnesota, his professional work in immersive projection systems for the Elumenati, and in his personal life helping Minneapolis’s vibrant arts and design community incorporate high technology into creative projects.

Hilary McVicker

Hilary McVicker is responsible for marketing and sales, including integrator relationships and project management for custom installations. A background in communications and new media led to the videogame industry, providing resources and creating community for developers through the Game Developers Conference and associated brands. She brings more than a decade of experience to the business of interactive technologies and their meaningful application.

Dr. David McConville
Noospheric Research (Emeritus)

David McConville, Ph.D. is co-founder of The Elumenati and responsible for creative services. For the past decade David has pioneered the use of new media tools and approaches for deploying immersive, interactive environments to enhance scientific and cultural perspectives on Earth and the cosmos. His doctoral research in the Planetary Collegium focused on the effect of spherical visualization on human cognition. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.