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New video: The Cyclorama at Virginia Tech

We’re wrapping up 2016 with a video celebrating our newest custom-designed 360-degree immersive environment. Check it out, and happy holidays!

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Cobra Simulation brings Elumenati technologies to I/ITSEC

We’re announcing a partnership with Cobra Simulation to handle new projects in the Military and Simulation markets; in turn, we’ll be handling new entertainment projects for Cobra.

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GeoDome Network sites join international domecast event

Members of the GeoDome network joined more than twenty sites around the US and beyond in a live domecast hosted by the Adler Planetarium.

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Multi-user Virtual Reality at Virginia Tech

In the Cyclorama, groups of people experience VR content, 360 video, and 3D animation together in a social context. Four edge-blended OmniFocus projectors light the 64′-diameter space, and WorldViewer delivers 3D content at 4K resolution per screen.

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All-Seeing Eye – Summer 2016

Summertime greetings! We’ve been busy… and the rest of the year promises more of the same.

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Orlando Science Center – Cobra Panorama

A new exhibit at the Orlando Science Center uses three Elumenati Cobra Panoramas to illustrate how real world physics is interpreted in the virtual world.

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See you at AAM!

We’ll be in Booth 8053E of the Federal Pavilion with our partners at JPL, using our 2′ digital video globe to showcase NASA’s Eyes platforms.

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GeoDome Panorama at NAB

We’ll be at NAB’s VR/AR Pavilion April 18-21 with a GeoDome Panorama, showcasing interactive spherical video from our partners at 360heros.

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Children’s Museum of Manhattan – GeoDome Panorama

Video at the link! A 3D exploration of mosque architecture in a GeoDome Panorama is part of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s “America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far” exhibition.

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See you at IMERSA!

We’ll be at the Pro Show on Friday, March 18, with a 5m Panorama and our OmniFocus 30270 projection system.

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