Multimedia mashup tool for spherical displays

Created for use in our GeoDome® immersive environments, Worldviewer® is a tool from The Elumenati that allows our clients to easily author interactive presentations while incorporating up-to-date multimedia content from a variety of sources. The WorldComposer® content authoring platform is easy to learn and simple to use, allowing educators to produce fully interactive experiences based on their own expertise, without requiring programming skills.

Clients can build docent-guided presentations, user-driven experiences, and recorded scripts using movies, still images, and high definition video created for both standard and spherical (panoramic) media. Worldviewer simplifies the process of providing audiences with a fresh, continuously integrated interactive experience.



Benefits Include

  • Instantly feature content on current topics in the news
  • Show Science on a Sphere (SOS) content without a sphere, and complement sphere shows with user-driven dome experiences
  • Use existing content and create immersive GeoDome® presentations with media originally produced for flat screens
  • Create your own content with off-the-shelf cameras
  • Offer follow-up activities on flatscreen displays – content can be adapted for multiple display formats

Worldviewer® Supported Content

  • NOAA SOS movies and datasets; EarthNow
  • NASA Earth Observations and Scientific Visualization Studio animations
  • Assorted panoramic images and video – sources include Google Street View, World Heritage Tour, 360Cities, 360heros, and many more
  • Media created for Oculus Rift and other head-mounted VR displays