500 Series Projectors

The OmniFocus 500 series is compatible with the Barco F32 and F35, and the Digital Projection dVision 30 and 35 projector families. These 1-chip DLP projectors include options for active stereo ( F50 and F32) or Infitec stereo (F32 and F35). The 500 series includes options for WUXGA and WQXGA resolution, as well as fulldome configurations. The single-chip DLP display provides high brightness, and the dual lamps are hot swappable for 24/7 operation. The projectors feature mechanical lens shift, a physical shutter, and a TCP/IP interface.

Projection Type Product Number Lumens Projected Resolution Projected FOV (deg)
Truncated 30500 5,500 2560x1600 180x112
Truncated 30520 7,500 1920x1200 195x122
Truncated 30530 7,500 2560x1600 180x112
Fulldome 30550 5,500 1600 170
Fulldome 30570 7,500 1200 180
Fulldome 30580 7,500 1600 170