600 and 700 Series Projectors

The OmniFocus 600 series is optimized for high-end professional A/V installations, with bright, colorful projection in large spaces. They work with the Digital Projection Titan and Lightning, and the Christie M, DS, and Roadster projection families. They support 24/7 operation but are not portable. The three-chip DLP display provides extreme brightness and excellent color saturation. The 600 series includes options for 3D stereo projection. The projectors feature mechanical lens shift, a physical shutter, and a TCP/IP interface. Brightness upgrades are available up to 30,000 lumens.


The new 700 series is designed to work with the Digital Projection’s 4K INSIGHT Laser, with 12,000 lumens.The laser light engine delivers 20,000 hours with no lamp changes, saving both cost and resources.

Projection Type Product Number Lumens Projected Resolution Projected FOV (deg)
Truncated 30600 10,000 1400x1050 180x135
Truncated 30610 10,000 1920x1080 195x110
Truncated 30620 10,000 1920x1200 195x122
Fulldome 30650 10,000 1050 180
Fulldome 30670 10,000 1200 162
Truncated 30700 12,000 4096x2160 180x95
Truncated 30710 (folded optics) 12,000 4096x2160 180x95
Truncated 30720 12,000 3200x2160 180x122