The GeoDome®

Turnkey immersive learning environment

GeoDome®® systems include an OpenDome, OmniFocus projection system, image generating computer, and our WorldViewer software for creating interactive Earth and space science presentations.

  • The Evolver transforms planetaria into digital dome theaters
  • The Theater immerses a classroom-sized group for collaborative learning experiences
  • The Portal creates a space with a ceiling or a sky
  • The Panorama enables planetary surface exploration
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Based on our open half-dome, the Portal is a visually engaging open environment for groups of 5-15, and can be oriented vertically or horizontally.


The Theater’s fully enclosed dome immerses a classroom of students or up to 25 adults, uniquely accessible for adults and wheelchairs.


A digital projection system and software for existing planetariums, the Evolver can either complement or replace opto-mechanical systems.