Omnifocus Projection Systems

Ultra-wide projection that stays in focus everywhere

We now offer edge-blended multi-fisheye systems for larger domes with ultra-high resolution, as well as stereo options – all enabled for playback through a single PC with our software solutions.

Our fisheye projection systems dramatically increase the overall simplicity and flexibility of immersive environment design. Pragmatic benefits over conventional multi-channel systems include:

  • Infinite depth of field for a variety of projector placements and screen surfaces
  • Rapid development of single-channel real-time applications
  • No multi-channel edge blending, content splicing and dicing, or color correction
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200 Series Projectors

Our leading projection system, with options for high brightness, high resolution, and laser light engines.

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500 Series Projectors

Ideal for professional A/V installations, more rugged than the 200 series but still small enough to be portable.

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600 and 700 Series Projectors

Optimized for non-portable, high-end professional A/V installations, with bright, colorful projection.

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