Elumenati Software Solutions

Real-time geometry correction, high-resolution playback, dome production, and real-time audio/video performance.

The Elumenati philosophy is that content is the most important element of any immersive environment. Our software solutions let you create and display beautiful immersive content with a minimum of time and cost.

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WorldViewer enables educators to tell Earth science stories from global and local perspectives using Science on a Sphere animations, geolocated images, and video created for both domes and flat screens.  

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Real-time screen surface mapping for Unity3D. Omnity is a class that converts Unity3D’s camera into a fisheye for projection mapping for fulldome and more.

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OmniMap™ API

OmniMap’s geometry correction libraries are an easy-to-integrate solution to make real-time OpenGL applications compatible with OmniFocus™ and other immersive projection environments.

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DomeView enables users to preview dome content on a flat screen; DomeView Pro projects standard content onto a dome using a single-projector system.

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Fulldome 4.0

The Fulldome Plugin (for Adobe AfterEffects) provides a straightforward way for media artists to begin developing experiences for immersive domed displays.

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Uniview is the most feature-rich real-time scientific visualization platform on the market, with unique capabilities for Earth science exploration and user collaboration.

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Eyes on the Solar System

Now available for GeoDome clients! We collaborated with NASA JPL to enable spherical display of this interactive exploration of NASA mission data.

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