Check out some of the projects we’re particularly proud of. These reflect the quality of our solutions and our inventive approach to helping clients create unparalleled immersive experiences.


Project: Immersive Visual Stimulus Surrounds — 2014

Used for both comprehensive balance assessment and specialized rehabilitation in an immersive virtual reality environment, the Bertec Balance Advantage CDP provides objective patient data to help isolate and quantify sensory and/or motor problems related to balance.

Based on our OmniFocus 30210 projection system with a panoramic screen, the Balance Advantage system is an instrumented haptic treadmill with motion tracking. It’s part of Bertec’s Immersive Visual Stimulus Surrounds series, leveraging immersive technologies for research and clinical rehabilitation markets. Bertec’s immersive environments use a suite of cutting-edge VR software they created using our Omnity plugin for Unity.