What are the main advantages of OmniLED products?

By far the main advantages of OmniLED displays are high brightness and contrast.  The benefit of a 5x-10x increase in brightness is easy to understand.  Higher brightness means not having to worry about room lighting.  But that is not the whole story.  One could stack 5 conventional projection images on top of each other to achieve the same brightness and still the image will not look as good as an LED. It is the improved contrast that really makes OmniLED displays “shine”.  Put a projection screen out on a trade show floor but don’t turn on the projector.  The color you see (typically light grey) is as black as that screen can ever be.  No matter how bright the projection, the contrast of the image will suffer.  This is why projector manufacturers (as well as The Elumenati) always cover their trade show booths.  OmniLED screens in the same location would appear black.  The only light coming from the display is from the LED itself.  This 10x improvement in real world contrast is what makes the LED images so stunning.

What environments are best for OmniLED products?

OmniLED displays are best for large scale, open environments with high ambient light.  Trade shows, airports, lobbies are all ideal for OmniLED displays For smaller scale displays where the lighting can be controlled, OmniFocus projection systems are more appropriate.  Not only are they more cost effective, but in many cases they will deliver superior image quality.

Are there any disadvantages to OmniLED products?

Yes, absolutely.  The “screen door” – dead space between pixels – is much worse than any projection system.  The image below is a closeup of a 2.5mm pitch OmniLED display.  Each LED is clearly visible.  Because of this, LED displays are spec’d by a minimum  “view distance”.  Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers can agree on the spec!!!  Sixteen : Nine has a good discussion of this topic.  Elumenati recommends a minimum viewing distance where pixels are visible but not distracting – so the view distance in meters is 1.5x the pixel pitch.  Most OmniLED displays use 2.5mm pixel pitch which means a minimum view distance of 3.75m (12 ft).

Another disadvantage of OmniLED products is that they are not really portable.  Setup of most domed OmniLED displays requires 2-3 days, where for GeoDome displays setup only requires 2-3 hours. Beyond setup time, the web of interconnections between panels is prone to failure after repeated setup and tear down.  For those on a smaller budget, it is far more economical to make the room dark and use projection for your portable immersive display.

Why are there so few installation images on your website?

Give us some time!  We have just launched our OmniLED line.  By this time next year, these pages will have several images from Elumenati OmniLED installations.