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DomeView Pro

DomeView Pro projects standard content onto a dome using a single-projector system.

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A Tool to Preview and Project Dome Content

DomeView enables users to preview dome content using a flat computer screen, providing a clear view of content in a true dome environment. The user can freely change viewing position and see the content from different directions, both inside and outside the dome.

DomeView Pro is a powerful tool for projecting content onto a dome using a single projector system. It offers real-time geometry correction of standard video content for display on domes, allowing the user to project images and movies that were created for flat screens, usually as a collage of several flatscreen inputs. It’s an effective way to use existing content in non-standard curved screen environments. All distortions are performed in real time, making DomeView Pro ideal for small and portable planetariums.

Developed by Navegar Foundation, DomeView is available for Windows only. Learn more here.


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  • 2D Viewing (DomeView Pro only)

    • Enables fisheye, standard and spherical mirror projections
    • Accepts videos and images
    • Handles content arriving in real-time from other sources, including Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, Webcam, Celestia, Stellarium, and more
    • Hyperdome-ready (display from 0° to 360°)

    3D Previewing (DomeView and DomeView Pro)

    • Spherical or cylindrical view
    • Ability to import a 3D model, e.g., a planetarium
    • Ability to choose the viewing position


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