Fulldome Plugin




A Compositing Plugin for Immersive Environments

The fulldome cinema paradigm abandons rectangular projection screens in an attempt to immerse audiences inside of an extremely wide field of view. Developing compelling content for this medium presents several technical and artistic challenges.

The Fulldome Plugin provides a straightforward way for media artists to begin developing experiences for immersive domed displays. By seamlessly fitting into existing production pipelines via Adobe After Effects (with other applications coming soon), the Fulldome Plugin allows animators, compositors, and cinematographers the freedom to explore the fulldome format with their pre-rendered creations.

The Fulldome plugin was developed by Navegar Foundation, in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of Oporto University. Support and tutorials are provided directly through Navegar Foundation – learn more here.

A $100 educational discount applies for qualifying institutions. Contact us to register.

Note: The Fulldome plugin relies on a dongle. If the dongle is lost, replacement will incur a $350 fee the first time. Purchase of a new Fulldome plugin is required for subsequent dongle replacement.

Various Input Projections

  • Azimuthal Equidistant aitoff
  • Hammer-aitoff
  • Gnomonic
  • Stereographic
  • Ortographic
  • Vertical perspective
  • Cylindrical equidistant and equal area
  • Panoramic equidistant and equal area

Various Output Projections

  • Azimuthal Equidistant
  • Azimuthal Equidistant Off-Axis
  • Gnomonic
  • Stereographic
  • Ortographic
  • Vertical perspective
  • Cylindrical equidistant and equal area

Real time interaction

  • OpenGL Accelerated

Astronomical coordinates

  • Layers can be referenced in a local (dome) space
  • Alternately, layers can be referenced in a global (celestial sphere) space

Astronomical algorithms

  • Simulate the movement of the celestial sky for any given date and location


  • Stitching of both images and video is possible

Hyperdome ready

  • Display from 0º to 360º in your full dome workspace

Animatable parameters

  • Within the After Effects control panel (see image to the right), all parameters are animatable

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs