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Uniview is the most feature-rich real-time scientific visualization platform on the market, with unique capabilities for Earth science exploration and user collaboration.

Interactive Real-time Scientific Visualization Platform

Developed in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History by Swedish software developers SCISS AB, Uniview is the most feature-rich and intuitive real-time visualization platform on the market. Uniview brings multiple scientific databases to life in a fully interactive 3D environment. Features include Geoscope, which enables satellite imagery to be streamed at high resolution; the Octopus networking system, which enables collaborative connectivity anywhere on the planet; and NASA’s Digital Universe Atlas, the world’s most extensive and accurate 3D atlas of the observable Universe.

The purchase of an annual UCare support package grants Uniview users access to support, upgrades, and user forums. UCare is available in two tiers: UCare Silver enables users to join networked sessions and offers 3 email support tickets per month with a 72-hour turnaround. UCare Gold enables users to host networked sessions and offers 6 email support tickets per month with a 24-hour turnaround, plus periodic one-on-one support sessions.

This software is available for Windows only.

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