Turnkey systems: The GeoDome Family

Each GeoDome includes an OmniFocus projection system, screen or globe, image generating computer and software. With 100+ systems in the field, GeoDome systems draw on our years of experience to combine our proven technologies into a streamlined package.

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What makes a GeoDome: Components

We created the technologies that power solutions across the immersive projection industry today, and we’ll continue to innovate – helping designers and integrators build the solutions of tomorrow.

  • OpenDome Immersive Screens

    OpenDome Immersive Screens

    Portable and permanent options, all fully customizable
  • OmniFocus Projection Systems

    OmniFocus Projection Systems

    Ultra-wide projection that stays in focus everywhere, with a wide range of options for brightness and resolution
  • Software Solutions

    Software Solutions

    Playback and production tools with real-time geometry correction