About Us

We were officially incorporated in 2004, but the minds behind The Elumenati were at work building immersive VR technologies back in the 90’s. Since then our team has grown along with our products and our client base. We created the technologies that power solutions across the industry today, and we’re continuing to innovate – building the solutions you’ll see from others tomorrow.


Meet the minds behind the curtain, with decades of experience in engineering, integration, business, and the arts.

Light Plumber

D’nardo Colucci, PhD

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Electron Alchemist

Clayton Hooker

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Hilary McVicker

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Software Development

Clement Shimizu, PhD

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Noospheric Research (Emeritus)

David McConville, PhD

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The Team

The people who make it happen, from ideas to implementation and support.


Michael Ford

Executive Admin

Kathy Fortier


Daryl Kirchen


Josh Radloff


Marco Silva

Director of Sales

Adam Wales