Versatile tool for content in spherical displays

We created WorldViewer as a tool for our clients to build and manage GeoDome content. It’s our philosophy that content is the most important aspect of any immersive experience, and WorldViewer enables our clients to tell their own immersive stories.

WorldViewer is an easy-to-learn CMS for your dome or globe. With the WorldComposer content authoring platform, simply save media to your Elumenati IG (image generating computer) and set up chapter-based presentations – no rendering time or programming skills required. Audiences can experience your content in docent-led presentations, user-driven interactives, or stand-alone playback mode.

It’s easy to create content, and simple to refresh it with new media as it comes online – whether you’re incorporating a science story from the headlines of the day, dropping in 360° video fresh from a location shoot, or previewing new animated content for your client activation. You can also expand the reach of the content you create and access a library of turnkey content through WorldViewer Stories, our online marketplace for the network of GeoDome clients.

Our Open Playground platform is an extension of WorldViewer – an advanced operating system that integrates and manages content and applications. A straightforward user interface provides simple, unified control over multiple inputs. Using an Elumenati certified IG and the WorldViewer Pro add-on, you can bring a suite of third-party applications into your dome – whether your focus is education, enterprise, or entertainment. Read about Open Playground for Astronomy here.




  • Start with global datasets and zoom to the local perspective with geolocated content
  • Showcase spherical video at broadcast standard (8K 360° in HEVC)
  • Incorporate media produced for flat screens with picture-in-picture mode
  • Build button-based GUI interfaces for touchscreen, tablet, and gamepads
  • Stream live video from locations around the world

Supported content

  • NOAA’s Science on a Sphere® library of datasets
  • NASA Earth Observations and Scientific Visualization Studio animations
  • 360° and panoramic images and video – sources include Google Earth Studio, 360Cities, and many more
  • Media created for head-mounted VR displays 
  • Live streaming content from YouTube and Vimeo (both spherical and standard aspect ratio)
  • Online content – supported via WorldViewer’s internal web engine
  • Dynamic maps and real-time weather – supported through WorldViewer’s internal WMS engine
  • External applications – launching, navigation, and viewing supported by third-party Spout library

Advanced features

Of course, advanced features have evolved over the years, with hundreds of WorldViewer-driven installations. Access our development resources to collaborate with our team on your customized WorldViewer application.

  • Adapt your content for multiple display formats beyond the dome – flat screens, mobile, and SteamVR-compatible headsets
  • Drive content from a range of inputs – IG, tablet and more – enabled by OSC
  • Incorporate your spherical display with OSC-supported show control integration
  • Build unique user experiences with gesture-based technology like Kinect, UltraLeap and the LiDAR-based RealSense