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3D Pacman – immersive gaming at the Telfair Museum


3D Pacman is back – and this time it’s a multiplayer ghosts-vs.-Pac-Man free-for-all.  AI automatically relinquishes control to up to 5 players and instantly takes over when they have had their fill. We brought the immersive experience to a retrospective of Keita Takahashi’s work at the Telfair Museum in Savannah. An OmniFocus 30500 projection system filled a room with Pac-Dots and ghosts. Geometry correction is managed by Omnity, our plugin for the Unity game engine, and we custom-built controllers for the exhibit. Read more about it at Telfair’s blog post, and check out videos and pics on social media.

3D Pacman was part of the Telfair’s Keita Takahashi: Zooming Out. Thousands of people experienced 3D PAC-MAN free of charge at the museum’s PULSE Family Day and education programs. Super Museum Sunday saw 4600 people in one afternoon! We were also part of the project’s initial show highlighting video games in museums at the 2012 PULSE Art + Technology Festival.

3D Pacman is based on PAC-MAN – ™ & © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Concept by Keita Takahashi for Babycastles Summit at Mad Museum
Programming and electronics by Dr. Clement Shimizu
3D printed joystick enclosures by Trevor McDonald