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GeoDome in the New York Times Dot Earth Blog

The GeoDome is featured in Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth blog at the New York Times, used as an example of ways we can “translate the astonishing and growing power to monitor, visualize and share information about human activities and their impacts in ways that foster social and environmental progress.” Revkin references a conversation he had with David McConville in a GeoDome earlier this year, where he found the presentation of geospatial data in the immersive environment uniquely compelling. As they discussed the challenges of applying these new technologies in truly impactful ways, David emphasized the importance of “understanding how these geo-visualization tools can be used to facilitate dialogue — to really use it in a social way.” His experience in the GeoDome showed Revkin how meaningful visualizations allow us to “to question, as a community, what does all this data really mean,” a challenge which he poses for Google Earth and other Web-based tools.