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Orlando Science Center – Cobra Panorama

Through the use of three Elumenati Cobra Panoramas, Orlando Science Center recently premiered a new permanent exhibit, Kinetic Zone, which uses interactive displays to encourage visitors to explore the fundamentals of forces, such as electricity, gravity, physics, Newton’s Laws and more. To illustrate how real world physics is interpreted in the virtual world, visitors engage in an active exploration of the fundamentals of physics. The Cobra Panoramas provide an immersive experience that reflects real world rules and outcomes. Each Elumenati Cobra Panorama system features an Elumenati image generating computer and an Optoma EH500 projector (4,700 lumens, 1920×1080). Programming is based on Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D flight simulation software and the Assetto Corsa racing simulation. Both platforms work instantly on the curved display using the Cobra’s warping software.