6’ Globe – 7Colores for Trapiche Museo Interactivo

A 6’ globe at Trapiche Museo Interactivo in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, is driven by an dual-projector OmniFocus projection system. Omnity manages the edge-blending and an Elumenati IG (image generating computer) drives the solution.

Our partners at SieteColores created an interactive exhibit surrounding the globe with four touchscreen stations that drive globe content. It’s part of the Conocedores (Knowers) exhibit, focused on igniting teenagers’ passion for knowledge about the surrounding world. The globe is the centerpiece of Todo Conectado (Everything is Connected). Visitors use the interactive stations to explore a natural disaster in Mexico, with each player responsible for an important task like sanitation or infrastructure. The learning objective is how teamwork between government and society is necessary; learners understand the dynamic systems of Planet Earth. The museum is projected to receive around 80,000 visitors per year. We are honored to contribute to educating and inspiring young learners in Los Mochis.