Indianapolis Zoo – Custom Solution

WorldViewer powers a network of Elumenati displays as part of a new welcome experience for over a million annual visitors in the Global Center for Species Survival. The showpiece is Our Living Planet, a 360° biodiversity experience in a truncated dome.

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Customized GeoDome Panorama for ICCM booth at GC23 Conference in Orlando, July 2023

International Child Care Ministries – Custom Panorama

For ICCM’s outreach program, we designed a custom 8m-diameter, 5m tall with a 270° field of view. A dual OmniFocus projection system provides 6K resolution at 18,000 lumens.

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University of Wollongong – GeoDome Theater

An outreach program explores Australia’s unique biodiversity and Indigenous heritage. The program will extend from the UOW community to the remote reaches of Australia where the featured research and filming occurred.

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Elumenati GeoDome Evolver projection system at WVU Planetarium

WVU Planetarium – Cross-Cove GeoDome Evolver

We updated West Virginia University’s Planetarium and Observatory with a GeoDome Evolver. The cross-cove design opens up the center of the dome, and offers 3750 pixels fulldome at 22,000 lumens, plus WorldViewer and OpenPlayground for Astronomy to expand dome content.

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Cherokee County Museum – GeoDome Panorama

From local history with immersive tours of Revolutionary War battlefields, to the edges of the Solar System – WorldViewer enables interactive learning on a range of STEAM topics in the new Teleporter experience in a GeoDome Panorama.

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Elumenati GeoDome Panorama - classroom immersive learning environment at HIES in Atlanta

PEAK Institute at HIES – GeoDome Panorama

A teacher using this immersive learning lab said “I knew it would be cool, but I had no idea how much content and discussion we would get out of it! My students were so excited, and they learned so much.”

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GeoDome Globe at Skansen Museum in Stockholm biodiversity exhibit

Skansen Museum – GeoDome Globe

A GeoDome Globe is part of a biodiversity exhibit at Skansen. Content built in WorldViewer explores climate change with a critical lens, and inspires Skansen visitors to be part of solutions.

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Elumenati dual-projector GeoDome Globe at Walmart Museum

Walmart Museum – GeoDome Globe

The 1.2m GeoDome Globe lets guests explore the heritage of Walmart, with a geography-based interactive built in WorldViewer and custom 360° animations enabling guests to see the growth of the company over time.

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Elumenati GeoDome Portal with Jews In Space exhibit at Jewish Museum of Milwaukee

Jewish Museum of Milwaukee – GeoDome Portal

The first touchscreen-driven installation in the US of OpenSpace! In a GeoDome Portal, audiences explored immersive stories about the ways Jewish people have contributed to the space program, in a recent exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee.

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GeoDome Panorama at the UK StoryTrails Project in Bradford

ISODESIGN – GeoDome Panorama

A customized 5m-diameter GeoDome Panorama for ISODESIGN toured the UK as part of the StoryTrails project. The largest immersive media storytelling project ever produced in the UK, the project used AR, VR and Immersive Cinema to create a snapshot of the UK. 

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Small version of Elumenati globe at Adventure Science Center

Adventure Science Center – Magic Planet upgrade

We updated Adventure Science Center’s Worlds of Wonder globe now features a new OmniFocus system that blends two 4K laser projectors. WorldViewer drives a fresh exhibit exploring the planets in our solar system with datasets created for NOAA’s Science on a Sphere.

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Minnesota State University Moorhead – GeoDome Evolver

Sara Schultz, Planetarium Director, says: “I love working with Elumenati and being a part of the GeoDome network. WorldViewer allows me to create truly multimedia experiences that can incorporate so much more content than only what is originally created for a planetarium.”

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Surf Simulator at Richmond Olympic Experience – Custom Solution

In this 5-DOF surfing simulator, a dual-projector OmniFocus solution maximizes space for surfers on the motion platform without casting shadows. SuperCubeMapper ports the Unity interactive into WorldViewer for immersive projection.

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Into the Deep at Monterey Bay Aquarium – Custom Solution

We collaborated with the aquarium’s exhibits team on the interactive Sea Floor Diorama, lighting the space with OmniFocus projection to bring research to life on the animals that live on the muddy plains.

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GeoDome Globe Exploranation Lab

Exploranation Lab at Visualization Center C – GeoDome Globe

A 1.5m GeoDome Globe is the centerpiece of the new Exploranation Lab, where visualization technology meets research data. WorldViewer drives data-based interactive experiences on sustainability and climate for visitors to the cross-disciplinary collaborative Visualization Center.

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