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An Ecological Tour of the Cosmos at California Academy of Sciences

The Elumenati presented Perceiving Home: An Ecological Tour of the Cosmos to two packed showings at San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences on October 3.  Perceiving Home is an immersive journey across vast scales of time and space, revealing the systemic interconnections that create and sustain life. Using a combination of Earth data layers, the Digital Universe Atlas, and custom modules, it was presented live using Uniview within the state-of-the-art Morrison Planetarium. Live musical accompaniment in the form of viola improvisations was provided by Christen Lien. The shows were part of West Coast Green, the premier conference on green innovation, which brought together over 14,000 thought leaders and pioneers in the field. Also at the conference, David was part of a panel discussion, “Beyond Bucky,” exploring Buckminster Fuller’s comprehensive, anticipatory approach to design and its applications in building  solutions to current challenges. Interviews are here and here.