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Civil Engineering Tool debuts at CI Summit

At #CISummit2020, we launched an interactive design review tool for civil engineering applications in the GeoDome. We developed the tool for design reviews in 360° without the isolating factor of VR headsets. Engineers can navigate through 3D spaces together with clients, and respond to their feedback in real time.

We showcased the new tool in a GeoDome Portal at the CI Summit in Los Angeles, Feb 20-22, hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Attendees navigated through content in the Portal with a touchscreen, incorporated into a kiosk with our OmniFocus 30510 using Barco’s compact F50 projector.  

We’re excited to see how this tool will use the collaborative potential of group XR experiences to  help create efficiencies in the AEC sector. It’s an easy-to use editor tool for Unity, enabling civil engineers to:

  • Import data from the design tools they already use (via fbx)
  • Define flight paths around the story to be told
  • Flag points of interest and make custom notes based on client feedback
  • Toggle between current and proposed design models