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Cube Fest in the Cyclorama at Virginia Tech

At Cube Fest this weekend, immersive site-specific performances combine 360° stereoscopic projection with the spatial audio system unique to the Cube at Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT). The event brings together a group of international music and audio technology experts, computer engineers, musicians, and composers for performances of original compositions and preexisting works. Omnity and WorldViewer support real-time, generative content in the 32’ diameter Cyclorama. Check it out this weekend in Blacksburg, VA.

ICAT is truly cross-disciplinary, engaging all departments of the university – from art and engineering to athletics and psychology. Said Media Engineer Tanner Upthegrove: “The Cyclorama helps these groups meet their objectives by presenting data, research, art, and other topics within a large visual format, social experience. The huge scale visual immersion allows for ambulatory experiences and large audiences to participate outside of a Proscenium style format. Paired with the Cube’s other infrastructure, e.g., the 140 channel spatial audio system and 24 camera Qualisys motion capture system, this allows for sensory immersion not possible at this scale in many other places in the world.” 

We’re excited to continue our collaboration with the ICAT team as they push the boundaries of spatial audio and visualization.