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Elumenati at ASTC 2013: Cobra Panorama and Magic Planet

At the Association of Science and Technology Centers 2013 in Albuquerque, we showcased two new additions to our product line:

+ Magic Planet powered by The Elumenati: We’re now offering complete globe systems that combine OmniFocus projection technology and Elumenati support with Magic Planet’s proven storytelling capabilities. We’ve been working with Global Imagination since 2012 to deliver Magic Planets powered by The Elumenati to nearly a dozen satisfied clients, both in new installations and upgrades to existing systems.

+ The Elumenati Cobra Panorama: With its 5′ panoramic screen, the Cobra is an accessible way to add immersion and interactivity to any exhibit. Simple software for content display enables a range of bright, vibrant content.

Eyes on the Earth and Eyes on the Solar System provided interactive content for both displays, enabled with Omnity for both domes and spheres through our longtime collaboration with NASA JPL.