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Magic Planet powered by Elumenati at NASA JPL

The Magic Planet in NASA JPL’s Earth Science Center is now powered by an Elumenati projection system. Two Omnifocus 200 series projection systems, aligned in a frame, deliver 2.9 million pixels across the globe and 10,000 lumens. The LCOS projectors provide beautiful fill factor and color saturation. Edge blending and color correction are accomplished with Omnity. JPL’s globe will be a showpiece for Eyes on the Solar System, on which we’ve collaborated to add features and enable projection in both spheres and domes (like their own GeoDome Theater). With Eyes, ESC visitors will explore real-time NASA mission data on the globe, driven by a touchscreen interface. The globe will also continue to feature dynamic Earth Science programming using Magic Planet StoryTeller. We’ve provided the optics for Magic Planet installations in several museums and science centers, bringing the benefits of OmniFocus projection technology to these proven and effective systems.