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Elumenati at the VR/AR Global Summit

Thanks to the VR/AR Global Summit ONLINE for the invitation to join a group of immersive and location-based entertainment leaders for the ‘LBE’s: What is the Future?’ panel, June 4. Hilary McVicker, our VP of Sales & Marketing, represented the Elumenati approach to exploring immersive content in a social, collaborative way. GeoDomes and OmniLED immersive environments bridge the physical and the digital worlds. Participants interact with the virtual world of 360° content, but stay embodied and share the experience with the people around them IRL – and that’s what differentiates our work from headset-based VR and AR experiences. It was an honor to share perspectives and ideas with the accomplished and creative people on the panel.

The Elumenati has evolved along with XR technologies since the first wave of VR exploration – as our company president, D’nardo Colucci, explains in this video. The growth of the XR industry in the past few years has been a significant driver for us, and new use cases and applications are constantly emerging. As the toolset for content production evolves, the potential for immersive storytelling grows, and we’re excited to see what’s coming next.