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Project profile: IDIA Lab GeoDome Panorama

A client and partner since 2018, the IDIA Lab at Ball State University is producing cross-platform content: virtual reality, human computer interface (HCI), augmented reality, mobile apps, visualization and 3D simulation. The lab’s mission is to investigate the intersection of technology with the arts, sciences, and humanities. They produce immersive explorations of architecture, archaeology, and art history; medical VR is an emergent area of focus. 

The IDIA Lab GeoDome’s primary use case is for presentations to large groups of students. OmniFocus projection maximizes the shadow-free zone in their 8m GeoDome Panorama, so up to 40 people can share the space. Without headsets, the shared space sets the stage for spontaneous interactions with the content and one another. It’s also logistically smoother than managing 40 headsets at once, especially post-pandemic. Another use case for the GeoDome is as part of the virtual production pipeline, using WorldViewer and our Omnity plugin for the Unity game engine. The team can collaborate inside the 3D environment and demo content for clients. 

We’ll soon be announcing a collaborative project with the lab, expanding our partnership to offer cutting-edge virtual content in GeoDomes for all sorts of applications. We’re excited to explore the potential of interactive experiences that mix avatars in the virtual world with real people in the GeoDome. There’s a ton of potential in this approach – including hybrid events that use the wealth of virtual content created during the pandemic and combine it with the in-person experiences we’ve all been missing.