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Elumenati brings interactive science stories to Marine Mammal Day in Raleigh, N.C.

A new interactive educational program in the GeoDome Theater, Marine Mammals: Immersed in Change, debuts Saturday Jan. 29 at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh.

Funded by a NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant, the project tells the story of climate change through its effect on marine mammals using Worldviewer, The Elumenati’s new geospatial gaming platform.

The Jan. 29 event is part of the Marine Mammals Institute, a collaborative project between NCMNS, the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, and The Elumenati, which will send a GeoDome Theater with the Marine Mammals story to institutions across the state.   Worldviewer, which lets educators create interactive science stories in the GeoDome, will be available to GeoDome clients this spring.

Info on the event is here: