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GeoDome Portal at NOAA’s Science on a Sphere user conference

We’ve been invited to present the GeoDome Portal as part of NOAA’s Science on a Sphere users conference in Chicago, May 3-5. We’ll be showcasing the new Worldviewer geospatial gaming platform, which enables interactive playback of SOS and other datasets on a virtual globe in the GeoDome, web, flatscreen, and smartphone. Worldviewer will be available to GeoDome clients this spring.

Also in the Portal, Dr. Ka Chun Yu of Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Dr. Ned Gardiner of NOAA’s Climate Program Office will present the Worldviews Network, a collaborative project funded through a NOAA Environmental Literacy grant. The Worldviews Network uses interactive, immersive visualizations to present bioregional narratives and engage communities in dialogues about how our collective actions shape the future of the planet. The May 4 presentation will include a domecast with Worldviews Network partner California Academy of Sciences at the Cosmic Serpent conference.