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Interactive Deep Time Maps for GeoDome Globes

We’ve been offering GeoDome Globe systems for nearly a decade now. A request we’ve heard a lot is for truly compelling content on plate tectonics. We’re happy to announce that we are now offering Deep Time Maps, enabled for interactive display with WorldViewer. Our first installation went live this summer, on the 1m-diameter globe at the Science Museum of Oklahoma

Deep Time Maps are beautifully detailed paleogeographic maps of the ancient world. They show the varied landscapes of the ancient Earth through hundreds of millions of years of geologic time. You can choose to add a customized animation showing the movement of your institution’s exact geographic location through deep time. An optional scrubbing feature lets docents and guests move back and forth through time, using a button on the globe’s touchscreen user interface.

The latest geologic data from scientific literature are used to compile and construct the ancient Earth. Content is produced by Colorado Plateau Geosystems.

Registered WorldViewer users can download sample content for their GeoDome Globes on the WorldViewer Stories section, and contact us for more details.