GeoDome Globes

From portable, affordable desktop systems to stunning large-scale displays.

GeoDome Globes include the following:

  • Globe with matte finish – sizes range from 60cm to 1.8m
  • OmniFocus projection system
    • Unique folded optics place the equator at eye level for Earth science exploration
    • Dual-projector solutions offer ultra-high brightness and resolution
  • Elumenati IG – high performance image generating computer
  • WorldViewer software – our CMS for content creation and display
  • Enclosure base
  • Touchscreen kiosk with audio

WorldViewer was conceived around NOAA’s Science on a Sphere and supports their freely available datasets, as well as a range of media types – from 360° video, to media created for flat screens, to live streaming. It’s simple to create docent-led presentations or user-driven interactivity, with branded content for the touchscreen kiosk. WorldViewer is an unparalleled tool for data-based storytelling.