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Lighting it up at GLPA with Eyes on the Solar System

The GLPA conference in Pittsburgh, October 24-27, marks the debut of the Elumenati-enabled versions of Eyes on the Earth and Eyes on the Solar System. We’ve collaborated with NASA JPL for several years, as they’ve developed these interactive tools for monitoring the Earth’s vital signs and touring the cosmos using NASA satellite data.  Using our Omnity plugin, the Unity3D-based Eyes platforms can be displayed on domes and spheres. Through our partnership with JPL, we’re adding the software to our product line, available to the network of clients using GeoDomes for Earth and space science education – including NASA JPL’s new  GeoDome Theater. Our presentations at GLPA will have a special focus on the recent Mars Curiosity Rover landing. Of course, we’ll be showcasing Uniview and WorldViewer content as well.

In our exhibit at GLPA, we’ll illuminate a hemisphere with an OmniFocus 200 series projection system, then bring the same projection system into the host planetarium for a presentation on Thursday, October 25. This projector offers 1920×1200 resolution and up to 5,000 lumens brightness, with beautiful color saturation and image quality. At under $25,000, it’s the best value for domes up to 10m in diameter. Put your eyes on it at GLPA!