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Live Streaming from LPSC 2021

The Elumenati partnered with the OpenSpace team at this year’s virtual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, live-streaming content with our WorldViewer immersive storytelling tool. This extension of WorldViewer’s capabilities has allowed many of our clients to keep providing interactive science exploration and stay connected with audiences, even when their institutions have been closed due to the pandemic. Even now that re-opening is on the horizon, we know this tool will be useful to our clients as leaders in the field can present from any location. 

At LPSC, The American Museum of Natural History’s Carter Emmart was joined by KaChun Yu and Bob Raynolds from The Denver Museum of Nature and Science in several daily live streams. Carter took audiences on tours of the Universe – from Earth to Mars and the Cosmic Microwave Background. KaChun and Bob showcased DMNS’ acclaimed Digital Earth program. The presentations highlighted WorldViewer’s real-time texture sharing pipeline, which provide live input capability for the OpenSpace engine to expand storytelling capabilities and supported media sources – including NOAA’s Science on a Sphere.

It’s our honor to continue working in partnership with the NASA-funded OpenSpace project and its supporting institutions – leaders in engaging the public with the latest research in planetary science. 

You can see each of the live stream videos on the Elumenati YouTube Channel. To learn more about leveraging the storytelling capabilities of WorldViewer and OpenSpace for your institution, contact our crew.