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OmniFocus 500 series projection systems discounted for 2020

While the 200 series has ridden off into the sunset after 500+ installs, we’re still offering the 500 series – at a significant discount. The 30500 is compact and portable, ideal for pop-up activations – especially in our kiosk, featuring the 30510 with folded optics. You can see the kiosk at work in the video on our GeoDome Portal page. It’s also shown in this blog post with the inflatable Portal, our most portable system. The 30520 offers beautiful imagery and high brightness for high-end pro A/V installations. The 30530 (with folded optics) is an ideal upgrade to the GeoDome Panorama. Mounted overhead, the fisheye maximizes the available space inside the immersive space.

Contact our sales folk for details.