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See you at AAS!

We’ll be in Booth 109 at the American Astronomical Society Annual Meeting, January 4-8 in Kissimee, FL. Stop by and talk to us about the extensive network of educators using our GeoDome immersive environments for space science outreach.

We’re showcasing a full complement of interactive software for exploring astronomy, including:

  • NASA JPL’s Eyes on the Earth, Solar System and Exoplanets are based on NASA mission data, constantly refreshed with new information. Audiences can drive their own explorations or choose from features curated by NASA staff, like this year’s New Horizons Pluto fly-by. The Eyes platforms, including touchscreen kiosk versions for user-driven interactivity, are available for domes and spheres through our collaboration with NASA JPL.

  • Worldviewer® is a tool from The Elumenati that allows our clients to create their own presentations for domes and spheres using media from a range of sources. The WorldComposer® content authoring platform is easy to learn and simple to use, allowing educators to produce fully interactive experiences based on their own expertise.

  • Uniview is a feature-rich and intuitive real-time visualization platform, in use in the world’s leading planetariums.  Uniview brings multiple scientific databases to life in a fully interactive 3D environment.

If you’d like to know more or set a time to meet onsite, drop us a line.