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The Transcalar Imaginary at 2010 Swiss Biennial

The Elumenati will present The Transcalar Imaginary in the Verkershaus Planetarium in Lucerne, Switzerland, on January 17. The presentation is part of the eighth Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics, and Aesthetics, a two-day symposium that  is bringing together a group of internationally renowned scientists, sociologists, philosophers, ecologists, writers, artists, and policy-makers discussing the topic of The Large, the Small and the Human Mind. From the debate about the pursuit of a “Theory of Everything” (TOE) in physics, extreme objectivity, our relationship to the “Universe,” to “human,” “nature,” “human culture,” and the “human mind,” the symposium will touch on the world’s first climate war, the destructive side of globalization, and the contradictions of our striving for unlimited economic growth and consumption. The Transcalar Imaginary will explore how sensory immersion and models of Earth and the cosmos can be used to illuminate how expectations, understanding, and experiences of the world are shaped.