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‘Tis the Season for Science…and Snow

For the second year in a row, the California Academy of Sciences is using their GeoDome Theater in an exhibit that showcases the many wonders of winter.  CAS designed custom covers for these exhibits so that last year, the GeoDome took the form of an igloo, and this year, it has been reimagined as a giant snowman. Each day nearly 600 kids of all ages learn about the Science of Snow in an immersive environment “dressed” as everyone’s favorite frosty man. Inside, the CAS team created a dome movie that uses Uniview to teach about snow not only on Earth, but on other planets as well. Audiences learn how nearly every culture on the planet has a word for snow, how flakes are formed, and more, in shows shown twice daily throughout the holidays. Many other exhibits add to the holiday spirit with an array of interactive activities, including visiting with live reindeers and learning about all the birds in “The 12 Days of Christmas”, complete with indoor snow flurries occurring twice an hour.

The California Academy of Sciences uses their GeoDome as a part of the Worldviews Network.