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“Virtual Milwaukee” in the GeoDome Shows Green Options for Urban Planning


The Elumenati Lab in Milwaukee worked with students, faculty and staff at Milwaukee Area Technical College on “Virtual Milwaukee,” an accurate computer-generated version of the city based on real terrain and infrastructure data. It’s a tool that can connect to traffic, weather and other data so the virtual world can act as city planning software. At an event Thursday night, two versions of Virtual Milwaukee were open to the public: one in MATC’s virtual immersion chamber, and another in the Elumenati’s GeoDome Portal. Using a game-like interface, the Elumenati version adds a “future” feature that changes the simulation. For example, pressing a button instantly adds a modern streetcar system along the route the Mayor’s office recently proposed, or replaces a lakefront restaurant with planned buildings. It also shows the proposed wind farm in Lake Michigan and a green roof atop the U.S. Bank building with sheep grazing on the grass. It’s an interactive data visualization that enables citizens to see the effects of decisions in their communities in real time. Read more here.