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GeoDome Theater Tours Australia

The GeoDome Theater has just returned from its first appearance in the Southern hemisphere, where it toured Australia showcasing educational technology with AARNET (Australian Academic Research Network). Events included:

– July 7-10: QUESTNet, a conference celebrating the use of networking and technology in education
– July 18: At Questacon Canberra, series of domecasts celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing streamed directly into the GeoDome from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX
– July 22: At Questacon Canberra, a domecast celebrating the century’s longest total solar eclipse
– August 27-28: At the University of Southern Queensland, presentations for over 300 educators, school children and residents of Toowoomba
– September 2-4: At Scots College in Sydney, presentations for science students at one of Australia’s oldest and most respected independent boys schools.

We look forward to future collaborations with our mates at AARNet!