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Video! The Cyclorama at Virginia Tech’s winter session

We always say that it’s not the technology that counts, it’s how you use it… and clients like Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology continue to push the envelope in new and inspiring ways. This winter, the ICAT team hosted Immersive Virtual Environments for Art, Data, and Research, an intensive workshop to offer students a hands-on experience with the technologies in the Cube  – including their Elumenati Cyclorama. Driven by Omnity and WorldViewer, the Cyclorama is 32’ diameter and 16’ tall, with four edge-blended OmniFocus projection systems to support active stereo content. Since their installation in 2016, the creative minds at ICAT have built a range of group VR experiences in the Cyclorama – from immersive explorations of tornado and particle physics data, to interdisciplinary collaborations with dance, music, and visuals.

Thanks to Ray Meese and the team at Virginia Tech for the video!