GeoDome Theater

The standard 6.5m Theater immerses up to 25 people, or a classroom-sized group; it’s scalable to accommodate larger audiences.

The Theater’s unique truncated screen design features a lowered springline, concentrating imagery in the audience’s natural field of view for an enhanced sense of presence. Our patented dual-pressure technology makes the Theater the only dome on the market that doesn’t require an airlock. Its 7’ doorway remains fully open at all times, enabling wheelchair access and making it comfortable for both kids and adults.

The GeoDome Theater turnkey system includes:

  • Theater dome, 6.5m in diameter
  • OmniFocus 30210 projection system (1920×1200, 6,000 lumens – upgrades available for brightness and resolution)
  • Audio system incorporated with projector in durable streamlined housing
  • Elumenati image generating computer
  • WorldViewer software for content creation and display; explore other options for content platforms here