We created the technologies that power solutions across the immersive projection industry today, and we’ll continue to innovate – helping designers and integrators build the solutions of tomorrow.

Our product line continues to evolve at the rapid pace of projection technologies, in response to our clients’ project requirements. OmniFocus lenses, OpenDomes and globes, and Omnimap-based software solutions can be incorporated into a broad range of projects.

Our lenses’ superior quality and low cost per resolution creates greater value when compared to our competitors. Our patented negative-pressure domes are uniquely accessible; semi-permanent solutions create a polished aesthetic that integrate with high-end design, and our portable systems are as rugged as they are easy to use. Our range of software solutions provide intuitive ways to create immersive experiences from all sorts of content.

Elumenati immersive projection technologies are a marriage of efficiency and elegance. Fisheye systems are easier to install and maintain than systems that use multiple flat-screen projectors; content creation and maintenance over time are greatly simplified. This creates maximum return on investment for clients who incorporate our components into their designs.

Our deep understanding of every aspect of installations allows us to provide comprehensive support to ensure that the right products are used in the right place, in the most cost effective way. Our clients work with a single point of contact for domes, projection system, software, content, and integration, as well as support in the long term.