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Chester County Intermediate School System

The Chester County Intermediate Unit purchased a GeoDome Theater with Uniview for use within their Title 2B Grant – Partnership in Math and Science. As that grant ended, the CCIU has continued to use the GeoDome in its much larger Title 2 B Grant Pa3 Region Math and Science Grant. This grant works with an 18-school district and two statewide cyber charter schools. Through the grant, the GeoDome spends three months of each school year in each region of the grant, visiting Fayette County in the west, Lycoming and Harrisburg in the central region and Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia county schools. Each participating district has 3-10 schools involved in the grant. Each region has a full day training session as a prerequisite for use within their schools. This year the GeoDome has been in use almost 170 of the 180 days of the school year with thousands of teachers in grade 3-12 and students seeing the lessons in the dome. Next year’s grant will see new lessons and training at the Immaculata Institute with our 225 teachers from across the state.

Over 500,000 people have participated through the one system since 2009, and it is now serving all school districts in the state of Pennsylvania via a loaner program.