International Child Care Ministries – Custom Panorama

Customized GeoDome Panorama for ICCM booth at GC23 Conference in Orlando, July 2023

In this customized GeoDome Panorama, 360° video transports guests around the globe to get a first-hand look at the mission of International Child Care Ministries, from Malawi to Brazil.  ICCM’s goal for an outreach system required a large immersive theater that engages attention across busy tradeshow floors, and is easily set up by a few staff members.  The Panorama needed a branded exterior with smooth cylindrical walls to serve as their booth space, where they can hang custom artwork featuring children in the ICCM network by San Francisco artist, Trent Thompson of ABG Art Group.

We designed a custom 8m-diameter OpenDome Panorama screen that stands just shy of 5m tall with a sweeping 270° field of view.  The space between the concave screen and the cylindrical exterior enables 5.1 premium audio, enhancing guests’ sense of immersion with spatial audio.   A dual OmniFocus Projection system provides 6K resolution at 18,000 lumens  – run from a single Elumenati image generating computer.

The projection system and IG are mounted overhead in a lightweight enclosure mounted to a custom truss. A winch makes it easy for staff members to set up this traveling exhibit, while the technology disappears so that guests are fully immersed in the content.

WorldViewer makes it simple to showcase videos that bring guests to the communities where ICCM provides education-related expenses, scholarships, food and other essentials to children and families. The ICCM team recorded their own 360° footage on an Insta360 camera while visiting these sites, then worked with local creators to compile short videos that create a fresh approach to sharing the mission of their ministry.