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Magnopus is a company that specializes in the aesthetic, technical development, and management of visual content for media and entertainment to create visual solutions. With the experience of leading projects and teams around the world, Magnopus seeks to achieve a new level of creative and technological freedom through simplicity by forging powerful production pipelines producing the highest-quality work on time and within budget.

“As part of the Magnopus production pipeline, the GeoDome Panorama with a 4m screen, 500 Series lens, and 2.5k Barco projector has been an integral part of our workflow. The GeoDome Panorama enables Magnopus to create immersive experiences for our wide range of clientele, and is the perfect environment for group virtual reality reviews during our creative process. The ability to view a virtual reality experience as a group enables our artists to pinpoint creative changes and issues without the need to pass around a VR headset.” — Ben Grossmann, Magnopus Co-founder