Check out some of the projects we’re particularly proud of. These reflect the quality of our solutions and our inventive approach to helping clients create unparalleled immersive experiences.

Manitoba Museum

Project: Ancient Seas Exhibit — May 2010

For the Manitoba Museum’s Ancient Seas exhibit, The Elumenati used our customizable and versatile OmniPlayer software, which we’ve used in many of our custom integration projects.  OmniPlayer allows for multi-screen video playback at resolutions up to 4000 x 4000 pixels while employing such features as OmniMap geometry correction and stereo playback with real-time convergence adjustment.

The Ancient Seas exhibit consists of a single PC with four video outputs: one control monitor and three Canon Realis SX7 projectors.  The system is tied into the museum’s automation controls for centrally triggered startup and shutdown.  The Elumenati converted the raw frames (tiff) provided by the content creation team into the Elumenati Video Format (evf) which allows impressive playback performance.