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Traveling exhibit opportunity: Moogseum Interactive

We’re excited to offer the Moogseum’s GeoDome Portal as a traveling exhibit, available for rent in one-, three- and six-month terms. It’s an immersive, interactive exploration of How Electricity Becomes Sound. Visitors are led through a six-minute animated presentation that follows an electrical current through an oscillator, transistor, capacitor, and resistor, after which they can interact with an analog synth-style knob controller allowing them to manipulate the various elements to understand how they each affect sound waves. Content was curated by the experts at the Bob Moog Foundation, and we partnered to create a custom Unity game to tell this science story.

“Bringing the physics of how electricity turns into sound when traveling through a circuit board to life has been a dream of mine,” commented Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation and Moogseum. “While it can be a complex subject, the experience in the Moogseum’s GeoDome Portal conveys the information in a stunningly beautiful and accessible way. People of all walks of life can now gain a new appreciation for this fascinating phenomenon that was at the very heart of Bob Moog’s pioneering work. We are thrilled to have worked with The Elumenati to bring this concept to life.” Read more in the BMF’s blog post.

Our video on the installation is here. This traveling exhibit features a 3m-diameter Portal dome and an OmniFocus projection system. It’s an opportunity to bring immersion and interactivity to your venue at low cost and commitment. Contact our sales team for more info.