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Virtual Earth Day shows supported by WorldViewer

Every day is Earth Day at The Elumenati, and for the many educators using GeoDomes for interactive Earth and space science exploration. That said, we were honored to contribute to virtual events for Earth Day 2021 hosted by our collaborators at the American Museum of Natural History and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  

In collaboration with both institutions, we recently expanded WorldViewer’s capabilities with a Realtime Texture Pipeline tool for the OpenSpace engine. The new tool provides live input capability to expand OpenSpace’s storytelling capabilities and the media sources it supports.

On Earth Day, the new tool supported two live streams: – check them out on YouTube below.

  • AMNH’s  “Astronomy Online: From Sun to Sea Life” – a virtual flight around the world to observe how our Sun, atmosphere, and ocean work together to create the weather we experience today and our climate over time.
  • DMNS’s  “Digital Earth: Creating the Future” – a program that places the Earth in context as a wonderful spark of life in the Universe. We have over 7.5 billion people as fellow passengers on this precious planet and there are challenges to making our lives sustainable. We can find solutions to environmental and energy concerns by observing Earth from space; we will point to specific solutions and examples where things are getting better and where each of us can make a difference.