Astronomy Platforms



WorldViewer supports a range of astronomy platforms – an open playground for space science exploration. You can explore NASA’s Digital Universe Atlas with OpenSpace. We’ve partnered with AMNH from the beginning on the development of this NASA-funded open source project. We also offer WorldWide Telescope and its library of guided tours.

Using these platforms means minimal annual costs – so you can invest those funds in keeping your content evergreen. WorldComposer, the authoring tool for WorldViewer, makes it simple to create and refresh your own shows. You can layer  visualizations from your current library, with diverse freely available content – from NOAA’s Science on a Sphere to YouTube360 and more.

Through our collaboration with NASA JPL, we offer their Eyes On platforms – Eyes on the Earth, Eyes on the Solar System and Eyes on Exoplanets – enabled for spherical display with Omnity. Content is constantly refreshed with  NASA mission data.